DIGC310: Game Project Dossier Appendix

Changeling Game Document Appendix — Google Doc can be found here.

And you can get and play the Demo room I made for this class from here.


3 thoughts on “DIGC310: Game Project Dossier Appendix

  1. Just remembered to check back (no notifications for edits), sent you a request for access to the doc if you’d be so inclined.

    Played the game, loved the writing and the voice acting (“Cheese and whiskers!”). Major thing that ticked me was that the hand cursor lacks an arrow, took me a while to realize that and how to place it to pick up the rock, but i don’t know if that’s an engine default. Just a shame you didn’t have time for the main mechanic, but learning new engines is always a very time consuming process, even on a schedule lighter than yours. The game shows promise though, which is the most important thing you can expect from a short-time project like this. Well done! Are you planning on continuing it at all? I now know i would LOVE to play a full game written by you. And most importantly, did you enjoy making it?

    • Ahhhhhh, damnit — Sorry, I must have linked the wrong version of the game AS WELL AS using the wrong link for sharing access to the google doc. It was not my day, clearly. I fixed the hand cursor to be my own, complete with arrow, days ago after playtesting said the same thing as you. I’ll get the ACTUALLY finished game up and linked some time today

      • Haha at least you do version control, that’s more than i can say. I love how these documents of yours are all formal-like, then suddenly you’ve lost a notebook. Cracks me up every time.

        I had no idea you had to code in AGS, thought it was more visual, significantly more impressed with the demo now! Also, if you’d like more statistics, i completely missed the window and the ivy, and it took me a few good minutes to find the bell.

        As i was reading and the term “Unseelie Court” kept sounding familiar, i looked it up and realized i’d heard it in Kingdoms of Amalur. The game deals a lot with faefolk and probably draws heavily from lore, might like to check it out if you haven’t.

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