Facebook Wills and Organised Trolls

Honestly, I think I’d just leave Facebook open on my laptop for people to work out what they were doing with it after my untimely demise (no doubt crashing a biplane into a barn like those old guys from Second Hand Lions).


3 thoughts on “Facebook Wills and Organised Trolls

  1. I think its interesting about how the internet likes to hoard data, and FB kind of encompasses that in a way. Wanting your profile to live longer than you is interesting, I guess you can’t escape metadata even in death so your right, always be afraid.

  2. Facebook being in wills, what a crazy notion I bet in the old days grandma’s were’nt leaving their old love notes, lists, journals and other what nots to their children. I guess it’s about the legacy and wanting to leave that behind for someone, plus the fact that most people spend 1/5 of their lives on there so technically its something that you have worked on your whole life. Whats weird to me is other people posting as the deceased person and conversing with their friends and what not. It would be the same as performing taxidermy on that individual and walking around and making them move ugh. I think that all accounts of deceased people should be erased (no memorial pages that’s fine), lets remember them as we knew them. This stops the grieving process as you still have a sense that their still alive.

    More on family using deceased FB members accounts here: http://mashable.com/2013/02/13/facebook-after-death/#DJyO0fW8Tiqu

    Really interesting video.

  3. I completely agree on your point about the data retention, and what I find interesting about this is we seem to pretend our information isn’t stored until we’re told to care. I mean we all seem to be happy that Facebook has a crazy amount of data on us but as soon as the government wants to look at it it’s like, “NO IT’S AN INVASION OF PRIVACY GO AWAY YOU!” I think this has partly to do with the fact that Facebook is so convincing in keeping us there in order for them to collect more information. Just think about the example you gave about your account after you die! This article also discusses how Facebook is so talented in convincing us to stay with them: http://www.fastcompany.com/3017530/4-persuasion-tricks-facebook-uses-to-keep-you-from-quitting
    I would love to be angry about this all, but let’s be honest I’m the one who signed away my privacy when I connected my wifi!

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