BCM112: Copyright Culture

I had so much that I wanted to talk about regarding this week’s subject! I have stuff that got cut due to time for this. That’s how much extra I talked than I needed to. In the end, this is what stayed; a brief discussion of Shakespeare, Hollywood, Happy Birthday, and Other.

Note that while evidence has been found to suggest that Warner/Chappell have been incorrectly claiming on copyright for ‘Happy Birthday’ all these years, they are yet to have their ownership claim challenged and so still hold the copyright.

I guess what I’m really left wondering is… If we’re so concerned with who an idea belongs to and making sure they get compensated for that, then why the hell did we extend it so far? Why do we allow others to inherit or purchase the rights to those ideas when we clearly know they haven’t earnt whatever revenue we’ve decided to throw that idea havers way? And why are we allowed to copyright on such a micro level as each individual recording of someone else’s idea? That’s weird, right?

Whatever, society.


4 thoughts on “BCM112: Copyright Culture

  1. I really do like the idea that copyrighted ideas are not original themselves. The blog addresses many questions that people ask about copyright. You have used the YouTube video to dump the majority of your content and argument which is really good and have used the written blog as a means to add lingering thoughts. A suggestion I have would be to use the introduction of the blog as a means to introduce the topic as we only have so many words to work with. An interesting note is that there is an episode of the Disney show “Ant Farm” that points out the Warner Brothers’ copyright of Happy Birthday (Disney calling out someone on copyright??), that would’ve been a good point to make in the YouTube video. Other than that, great blog.

  2. This is so interesting, I’ve never really considered why companies are allowed to purchase and claim ownership over others works and then use the work for their own profit. Companies such as Disney and Time Warner have so much power and control, probably have more money than they can handle. You’ve raised some great thought provoking ideas in this blog – super engaging for the reader.

  3. That’s insane if TimeWarner never actually owned or continue to own the rights to Happy Birthday! Maybe those big companies are just comfortable with owning everything they feel required to own something everyone uses? Such a strange concept.
    Maybe it’s just greed or insecurity of whether a small unknown person could, somehow, make one of those multi-million dollar ideas and make it better?
    “Better not make a entirely new Disney movie, better remake old ones and throw real actors in there!” I feel Disney is just re-investing itself into a different generation. Doesn’t Disney have enough money from the Marvel movies they own?

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