Collective Intelligence V Copyright

In our Henry Jenkins reading from this week, a particular paragraph stood out to me:

“The French cyberspace theorist Pierre Levy uses the term ‘collective intelligence’ to describe the large-scale information gathering and processing activities that have emerged in web communities. On the internet, he argues, people harness their individual expertise towards shared goals and objectives: ‘No one knows everything, everyone knows something, all knowledge resides in humanity’ (1997).”

It’s easy to see how the internet functions this way (just take a look at wikipedia’s omniscient omnipresence in the new world), essentially crowdsourcing knowledge. But how does this new culture, so tied up with information sharing, interact with the intellectual property economy left over from legacy media which we were learning about last week? Is it possible for the two things to co-exist or is this a Harry VS Voldemort situation where neither can truly thrive while the other is still around? Jenkins continues to point out that “our allegiances to nation states are being redefined” — I personally think (or maybe even hope?) that as time and tech march on our allegiances to the laws of these old nations are being redefined right along with it.

Annoyed Picard


2 thoughts on “Collective Intelligence V Copyright

  1. I particularly liked you relating copyright and collective intelligence to Harry and Voldemort; it’s a hard thing to think about because without one the other can not be, but at the same time they cannot exist together! I don’t think that as a society they will ever peacefully coexist, because as technology gets more evolved creators will find more and more ways to peer source.

  2. I also like to think that these legacy laws will be phased out as the generations enforcing them are replaced by generations that grew up in the digital age. Hopefully that’s not too optimistic.

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