Hitler Rants About Shifts in Transmedia Strategies

After looking at the Angry Hitler meme videos in Ted’s lecture on Transmedia practices, I thought making my own version of the meme on the relevant topic would be a fun way to tackle this week’s blog post.

A couple of things that aren’t covered in the video (because it’s shockingly difficult to fit the entirety of your thoughts to match Hitler’s shouting, strangely enough):

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) isn’t quite so simplistic n example as it’s made out to be by Adolf here. While the Utopic reward-rather-than-exclusion system was fairly true of the standard for MCU’s build up to the first Avengers movie, beyond there the definition of what is reward and what is exclusion has gotten murkier. For example, Agents of Shield as a stand alone series begins somewhat able to function without prior knowledge of its blockbuster cousins, however, as the show moves on, it incorporates major story arcs such as the attack on New York by the Chitauri in Avengers, the collapse of SHIELD in Winter Soldier, etc. The show becomes harder for an audience to engage with if they haven’t consumed those other texts, which by necessity are now given primacy over the TV program. There’s still sort of this venn diagram in place where the texts can reward someone for having been engaged with extra curricular content, exclude someone for not being engaged with extra curricular content, or do both at the same time. Sometimes the lines get fuzzy and it’s hard to tell which section ends where, but hopefully we’ll continue to develop more works that fall primarily into the first category when it comes to transmedia practices.


4 thoughts on “Hitler Rants About Shifts in Transmedia Strategies

  1. This was without a doubt the most effective way to get information conveyed, it was hilarious! Other than being highly entertaining, it contained a lot of info which was surprisingly helpful. The MCU is increasingly confusing to me, and its hard to keep track of all the different storylines. That’s the problem with these trans-media marketing strategies, it alienates the brand from the casual movie-goer!

  2. Follow-up thought: where do you think removal of canon (e.g. Star Wars EU) lies in this model?
    On one hand it’s definitely easier for newcomers to engage with it, but on the other it seems exclusionary to people who now have to overwrite what was previously “true” to them.
    Come to think of it, the same could be said of the Marvel/DC universes as wholes, or Game of Thrones, or really any reboot or adaptation. Do they just have to be thought of as discrete universes?

  3. My high-school German is very rusty, but I have a sneaking suspicion that your translation is not 100% accurate.

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