Courting Italians: Remix Culture

After listening to the lecture on remix culture, I knew I wanted to give remixing a go myself, despite having little to no idea what I was doing. And this is the result. A somewhat illegal, manywhat dodgy mash up of a dance mix by Artistic Raw (I tried to make my own, it wasn’t pretty at all) and a childhood favourite film of mine, The Court Jester, starring Danny Kaye.

Somehow I’m still proud of it, because BOY it was hard.

My edits to the music were pretty minimal in the long run, just reorganising, clipping, switching bits out, I can only begin to imagine the time and effort taken to build it from the ground up. I found out quickly I wasn’t musically gifted enough to thread actual tunes together over my original terrible backing track, so again my spoken-word-only vocals must be a million times simpler than trying to match pitch and keys and what have you.

All I’m saying is that the skill required to take part in this subculture has to be considerable. And once again, new media becomes a great equaliser! People finding a way to showcase their abilities even without having access to a bajillion dollars of sound equipment — they’ll take the stuff YOU made with your bajillion dollars worth of sound equipment and they’ll prove that just with a laptop, they can make it better (ooor, at least different). Reformatting texts to make a separate text that’s entirely new. It’s like a super cool take on adaptation theory. With the amount of work that goes into these, and the complete difference most of them have to their original sampled origins… Really it just makes me think once again that we probably need to update how copyright laws function (in a GOOD way, not a more power to the big guys way for once).

AND I finally learned how to use Audacity! So that’s a win, huh!


3 thoughts on “Courting Italians: Remix Culture

  1. “The Court Jester” is one of the funniest movies ever. The vessel with the pestle bit, the dubbing ceremony, the sword fight between Kaye and Rathbone, …

  2. Amazing effort!

    You hit the nail on the head in discussing how hard it is to create a remix and just how much skill it requires! I also totally agree with what you mention about its accessibility and cost effective nature, simply because anyone can create their own content on a laptop!
    The actual remix you created is awesome, it definitely doesn’t sound like its the first time you have made a mash-up! Its great to see that you didn’t just remix music, you incorporated speech from a film in conjunction wit music!
    This is a really great article discussing remix culture and originality, an aspect of this topic that your blog didn’t cover, which you may find interesting!

    Great blog post, I really enjoyed reading and listening!


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