Your Desperate Pleas for DM Resources Have Been Answered

Sort of, at least.

After making my D&D prep TED video the other day I have been flooded with requests for access to some of the custom content I mentioned, in particular the coveted Build-A-Baddie table. Well, you’re welcome to it. May it bring you swift and successful improvised combat.

“It’s like Build-A-Bear. But for baddies.”

(For whatever reason WordPress isn’t enjoying the picture; the Imgur link above should provide a higher quality version).

Of course it’s pretty basic and isn’t intended for the creation of actual planned adversaries; they should have a little more thought put in. This is strictly for when your PCs pick a fight with someone you never thought they’d pick a fight with, but you still want combat with that NPC to have some character and depth.

The system is really simple: First choose whether the ‘Baddie’ best fits the category of Strong, Smart or Skilled. Then, in the appropriate column, you can select a build archetype with its appropriate AC and HP (thrown together with my 1st level party in mind) as well as what saves should get a bonus (this uses the Pathfinder Saves, but I’m sure you can extrapolate the equivalent 5e saves if you so desire). This archetype doesn’t necessarily mean exactly what it says of the tin, it just evokes a sense of what kind of a Strong, Smart or Skilled person they are. I think the example I used in the video was a mercenary bandit who had the Soldier archetype. What that tells me (other than his AC, HP, and Save) isn’t that he’s a soldier-mercenary-bandit-uber-person, but rather that this is a more disciplined fighter, possibly better technically trained in combat, yada yada you get it. Next: Basic Attacks! Each of these columns has at least one option that would likely come paired with another of the weapons listed, like the shield or the True Strike, to give you some variety. And finally, because you want this combat to feel special even if it did just come up totally out of the blue, I’ve listed some Special Actions that you can choose from on the fly to give your NPC a little more flavour. The party have started some biff with a group of snooty rich uni boys? Turns out the leader of their little gang can command his goons to fight better (via Inspiration). That carnie acrobat with the glass eye who won’t give the party their refund? She can move really freaking fast (helloooooo Mobile)! The wish is to give the impression that this isn’t just any stock standard fight; this is an actual character the PCs have shirtfronted, whether you planned them that way or not.

And that’s it! Simple as that! Thanks for showing an interest, everyone, hopefully you find some purpose and usefulness for this in your game.

I certainly hope it works… For all our sakes.