Another D&D Thing to Use: Major Injury Table

If a player character of level 3 or above takes more than half of their hitpoint worth in one strike of damage, they must make a Constitution saving throw of DC 15 or suffer a potentially mortal wound. A failed save uses its total result to determine the wound sustained.

Major Injuries Table

All wounds sustained in this manner require extended recovery through non-magical means and are likely to leave permanent markers or scars.

4 thoughts on “Another D&D Thing to Use: Major Injury Table

  1. So, if I have a character with HP max of 45 and they have taken a few small hits so they are on 16 a hit that does 8 or more damage would trigger this correct?

  2. Interesting mechanic, but the Adrenalin Rush(14) doesn’t sound right. Even assuming 30 as limit for the Strength, a char, who normally has 15 Strength would suddenly be boosted to Tarrasque levels of Strength. Ignoring this limit would be even worse: A level 20 Barbarian could gain 48(+19) as Str.
    I’d rather go with something similar to Barbarian’s Rage instead.
    Also taking 3 level of exaustion could instantly kill a char that is already exausted. None of the “more severe” effects have those repercussions…

    • I think it implies double the strength bonus, not raw score. So like a 14 (+2) STR character would go to +4 STR, not +9. But hey the rage thing could work too!

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