Another D&D Thing to Use: Major Injury Table

If a player character of level 3 or above takes more than half of their hitpoint worth in one strike of damage, they must make a Constitution saving throw of DC 15 or suffer a potentially mortal wound. A failed save uses its total result to determine the wound sustained.

Major Injuries Table

All wounds sustained in this manner require extended recovery through non-magical means and are likely to leave permanent markers or scars.

5 thoughts on “Another D&D Thing to Use: Major Injury Table

  1. Hey, I really like the potential for this system to add extra dramatic affect. I was wondering, for characters who failed the save, is there a way to avoid falling unconscious?

    My thought would be something like a medicine check to stabilize the wound. This would require an action. The DC of the med check could be inverse to the failed roll. For example if a character rolled a 13 and broke their bone the DC to set the bone, and prevent the character from falling unconscious would be 7. For a major upper body wound it would be DC 17 or 18. The idea being the more severe the wound, the harder to prevent the character from going unconscious.

  2. So, if I have a character with HP max of 45 and they have taken a few small hits so they are on 16 a hit that does 8 or more damage would trigger this correct?

  3. Interesting mechanic, but the Adrenalin Rush(14) doesn’t sound right. Even assuming 30 as limit for the Strength, a char, who normally has 15 Strength would suddenly be boosted to Tarrasque levels of Strength. Ignoring this limit would be even worse: A level 20 Barbarian could gain 48(+19) as Str.
    I’d rather go with something similar to Barbarian’s Rage instead.
    Also taking 3 level of exaustion could instantly kill a char that is already exausted. None of the “more severe” effects have those repercussions…

    • I think it implies double the strength bonus, not raw score. So like a 14 (+2) STR character would go to +4 STR, not +9. But hey the rage thing could work too!

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