Dodgy Thieves’ Cant Flowchart to Simplify Things

Put this together recently and now I’m sharing it just in case others would find it useful. Enjoy!

Thieves Cant Flowchart

3 thoughts on “Dodgy Thieves’ Cant Flowchart to Simplify Things

  1. There should be a way to indicate or advertise your level of proficiency. I’d like to know if the rouge I’m hiring to break into a wizard’s tower was a novice (lvl 1-3), journeymen (lvl 4-6), or accomplished (lvl 7-10). I’m assuming rouges above lvl 10 are not out jobbing or are recognizable by sight by potential employers.

    It would also be cool to incorporate dice games into the information flow. As in, depending on the rolls – odd or even rolls, high versus low rolls, doubles, etc. combined with “innocuous banter” could be used to communicate information. Additionally, use of the ‘Slight of Hand’ feat/skill could accelerate or steer these conversations. When the dice don’t cooperate, sometimes a roll is just a roll, this would help throw off muggers from following the code.

  2. I recommend adding “How have you been?” or “How are you old friend?” for a rogue looking for work (as opposed to offering a job).

    • Edit: This overlaps with “Catching Up”. Instead you could add “Greetings suggesting the rogue has been searching for the other”: eg.

      ***Requesting Work.*** “I’ve been hoping I’d run into you”; “Been wondering when we’d run into each other again”; “I missed you at the party last week”; greetings indicating searching or attempting to meet.

      The approached rogue would respond they’d been doing the same if they have work to offer, or apologize that they’ve been busy if not.

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