The Patreon Pantheon

As a show of appreciation for all the people who’ve pledged support for my web creations over on Patreon, I’ve decided to grant you all very specific divine domains as the Patreon Pantheon. Thank you.


Raysplacenspace, God of Astronomically Themed Calendars

Abilio Carvalho, God of Actually Enjoyable Exercise

Ryder Smith, God of Enjoyable Study Regarding Subjects that Interest You

Xanthippe Pink, God of Hard Core but Still Light Hearted Pop Culture Analysis

Alex V, God of Bundling Up in Winter

Michael South, God of Underappreciated Pokemon

Drew DeYoung, God of Perfect Weather Nights to Eat S’mores around a Bonfire

Kalkidan, God of Laughing Until Your Abs Hurt

Tim Stacey, God of Educational Presentations at Science Centres that use Bubbles and Electricity and Stuff

hendrik, God of Miraculously Drawing a Straight Line Without a Ruler

David Lewis-Frazier, God of Lively Debates that Don’t Get Out of Hand

Rebecca, God of Stumbling Across Really Good Restaurants No One Else Knows About

Sgtbignose, God of Progressive Sci-Fi Television

Michael Prudoehl, God of Openly Enjoying Things to the Fullest Enthusiasm

Johan, God of Old Maps with Weird Place Names Where Ordinary Names Would Be Now

Kaye Asplund, God of Varied but Equally Feel-Good Interests

Steve Wooster, God of Frivolous Expenditures that Make You Feel Good and Not Guilty

Aaron Burke, God of Catchy Songs You Hear By Accident that Become Your New Favourite

Amit Gil, God of Really Enjoyable Clever Writing

Tobias Theuer, God of Finding Lost Items in the First Place You Look

Daimon, God of Beloved Stories from Childhood

Sean O’Flaherty, God of Top Notch Con Purchases

Patrick Thornton, God of Curiosity that Pays Off

Paul Gunterman, God of Perfect Last Minute Costume Ideas

Brandan Feickert, God of Successfully Tossing Paper Into a Bin Long Distance and Impressing Everyone

Lee Thayer, God of Being the Robots’ Favourite When the Revolution Comes

Robin Hayes, God of Stories that Give You the Spooks but Don’t Give You Nightmares

Hao Tran, God of Umbrellas Used for Shade

DeaDy, God of Brilliant Op-Shop Finds

Craig Fogle, God of That Warm Golden Feeling When You Try to Hold in a Laugh

Steven Quirk, God of Excellent Names You Unexpectedly Hear in Passing

Alexander Pereira, God of Childhood Favourites that Still Hold Up

Trey Just, God of Little Known but Brilliant Fantasy Series

Brian Willson, God of Successfully Blowing the Biggest, Most Perfect Bubblegum Bubble

Gwen Hansen, God of Crispy Autumn Leaves

Matt Nelson, God of Sleeping in on Winter Mornings

Ivar Kråbøl, God of Pretty Birdsongs in the Early Hours

RJ Grendelshire, God of TV Cliffhangers with Satisfying Conclusions

George Tohill, God of Always Amazing Hair

CakeMachine, God of Impromptu Water Balloon Fights

Laurent Tirta, God of Being the First Person on the Ice at a Skating Rink

David Harrison, God of Salads that have Only the Veggies you Like & None of the Ones that you Don’t

Ernst Jan Plugge, God of Three Day Weekends

Lewis Lopez, God of YouTube Mascots

Ahmed Awadhi, God of Excellent Roadtrip Music

Christophe Malgouyres, God of The Smell of Delicious Food as it Cooks

John Corrigan, God of Favourable Statistics

Paul Duesterhaus, God of Mysterious Secret Pathways through Magic Woods

Peter, God of Rocketships and Submarines

Robert Johnson, God of Curiously Investigating How Things Work

Matthew Lennon, God of Pianos in the Desert

Cristina Purice, God of Bioluminescent Lanterns Made using Insects & Mason Jars

Nicolai Pedersen, God of Smooth Running Mechanisms

Jeramie Vens, God of Exciting Seaside Day Trips

Ernest, God of Innovative Trampoline Functionality

Cory Laino, God of Being Able to Find Constellations in the Night Sky

Mark Brown, God of Trees that look like Ents

Evgeni Kirilov, God of Brightly Coloured Scientific Equipment

Michael Mallon, God of Ultimate Amusement Parks

Rob Collini, God of Strange and Wonderful Webcomics

David Wiley, God of Warm Showers

Megan Sandiford, God of Coloured Pencil Collections

Sébastien Adhikari, God of Cool Guy Sunnies

Raphaël Proust, God of Nights When the Moon looks Massive

Jazz, God of Out of Place Row Boats

Ryan Attard, God of Sick Guitar Solos

Steve Maxwell, God of Personalised Mixtapes

Martine Lenders, God of Hilarious Delirious Sleep Deprived Queries

Ronald Woodard, God of Charming Melodies

Kenneth Fritz, God of Falling Asleep While Reading

Maarten Daalder, God of Relaxed Backyard Barbeques with Fun People

Sonni Lowe, God of Unblemished Foil Cards

Keri, God of Getting an Early Mark off from Work

Alyssa Benson, God of Animals that would Seem Fake by Description Alone

Gavin Westbrook, God of Stylish Transportation

Kevin, God of Badass Comic Cover Art

David Buechler, God of Retro Music Stores with Friendly Vibes

Kevin Dowd, God of Classic Games Played with a Deck of Cards

Connor McGarity, God of Freshly Mown Grass that Doesn’t Trigger Hay Fever

Fraggle Wrangler, God of Mesmerising Tortoise Shell Patterns

Becca Johnson, God of Exemplary Animal Themed Apparel

Nate, God of Late Night Spontaneity

James, God of Fun Mostly Pointless Experiments

Fran, God of On-Point Music Playlists

Ed Read, God of Lag-Free Gaming

Sarah Parker, God of Sprinkler Rainbows

Aetherspoon, God of Amiable Felines

James Thompson, God of Good Looking Snow Globes

David Henry, God of Misheard Song Lyrics that are Better than the Real Ones

Aaron Lovegren, God of Full Biscuit Tins

Nathan Avery, God of Cool Looking Heist Diagrams

Tyroler, God of Fresh Market Fruit

Phil Wardlow, God of Big Climbable Party Trees

John G. Swope, God of Unknown Garden Parks

Jesse Baron, God of Being Wrong About Pizza

Froebel Vergara, God of Exciting Street Art

Leslie Weatherstone, God of Iridescent Seashells

Joe Spandrusyszyn, God of Fantastic Lighting

Michael Lefevre, God of Comfy Socks

Michael Stanley, God of Tasty Bakery Treats

SecretSquirrell, God of Odd Classic Cartoon Characters

Jonathan Clements, God of Really Super Nice Smelling Plants

David O. Hagen, God of Phenomenal Lookout Views and Unspoiled Picnics

James Hyman, God of Late Night Philosophising

Callum Moore, God of Free Playground Equipment

Vince O’Connor, God of Beautiful Clockwork

Geoff Cahill, God of Enthralling Circus Acts

Michael Keller, God of Crunchable Footpath Leaves

Christopher Ferguson, God of Pens that Never Seem to Run Out

Anders Jørgensen, God of Stones that Skip Just Right

Michael Roach, God of Warm Sounding Songs

Alexander Lundberg, God of Surprisingly Accurate Map Drawing

Daniel Hooley, God of Obscure Fables

Jens Elmose, God of Smudge Free Glass

Michael Sommers, God of Fond Family Histories and Photo Albums

Jurjen Stellingwerff, God of Gorgeous Stained Glass Windows

Gabriel Veiga, God of Artistic Escapism

Marcus Meitzler, God of Well Toasted Marshmallows

Faisal Mirza, God of Dramatic Fireworks Finales

Dominic Hobbs, God of Unexpected Learning During Conversation

Thiophen, God of Intriguing Intricate Designs

Steven Kern, God of Still Functioning Old-School Radios

Paul Crago, God of Sweet As Game Music

Sebastian Werner, God of Architecturally Magnificent Blanket Forts

Kevin Martin, God of Favourite Clothing Items

Eric Barkman, God of Fresh Air Respite at Parties

David Koble, God of Interesting and Unusual Dragon Hoards

Scott Graham, God of Awesome Classic Movie Posters

Greg Ball, God of Easy Afternoons

RaptorChow, God of Dinosaur Museums

Tim Price, God of Unpopped Bubble Wrap

James Smith, God of Stellar Scented Candles

Ian Moldovan, God of Pineapple Utility

Invisible Fat Man, God of Humorous Observations

Joshua Stevens, God of Fresh Crisp Bedsheets

Paul Charvet, God of Festive Decorations

Peter Millane, God of New Book Smell

Brian C. Williams, God of Happy Photographs

Patrick Reilly, God of Overflowing Polyhedral Dice Collections

Kayla Sullivan, God of Twinkling Faerie Lights

Nickolas Jeffcoat, God of Brightly Coloured Flying Insects

Simon Davie, God of Splashable Rain Puddles

William Petterson, God of Whimsical and Delicious Snack Foods

Jaime Unson, God of Well Placed Emojis

Jeffrey J Johnson, God of Uninterrupted Reading Nights

Rick Mares, God of Soothing Nature Sounds

Paul D Perez, God of Perfectly Rumbly Thunderstorms

MattsTheories, God of Eyecatching Sunhats

Dave Douds, God of Successful IKEA Expeditions

Sean Larkin, God of Quality Magicians

Charlie Parker, God of Overly Confident Woodland Critters

Chandler Swink, God of Spontaneous Living Room Dance Parties

Bill Gould, God of Aesthetically Pleasing Frost

Melanie, God of Thrilling Carnivals

Elias Thompson, God of Entertaining Starbucks Misspellings

Daniel “Dezzles”, God of Root Vegetable Mobility

This list will continue to be updated.